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Windows 95/98/ME/NT
16 bit or higher display settings (24 bit recommended)
VB5 Runtime Files

Here at The Wav Surfer we've made it a point to include all original content. If you ever find the same sounds or images elsewhere, they were most likely downloaded from us. Please keep in mind that to do this takes much time and effort on our part, so any gift possible is greatly appreciated. For those who contribute $15.00 or more, we'll send a free copy of Wav Surfer Software and our multimedia CD-ROM containing thousands of sounds and images.

FREE CD-ROM with Donation of $15.00 or more
Over 5000 sounds and images.
Over 1300 additional sounds including over 400 sound effects.
Includes all sounds listed on this site, all previously listed sound files, plus many additional categories that our server space just doesn't allow for.
See list below for CD-ROM contents.

CD-ROM Contents:
Sound/Image Categories
Wav Only Categories

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Caution Parents: Many included categories contain graphic violence, nudity, and strong language, so please monitor your children when browsing the CD-ROM contents.
Win 95 Users donating $15.00 or more: Before making your donation, be sure your computer is capable of playing these sounds. If not click here.